A 10,000 piece NFT collection
integrated with the upcoming
Armoonia Marketplace

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What Are
Fat Owls?

Fat Owls is a drop of 10,000 custom drawn NFTs created by our very own artist Josh. Fat Owls will be integrated with the Armoonia marketplace and will provide holders exclusive benefits such as up to 1% off purchases and priority access to new NFT drops.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and how Fat Owls will integrate with the Armoonia marketplace

1. Launch

Launch Fat Owls on Friday January 21st at 8pm UTC+6

2. Integrate Fat Owls with Armoonia

Each Fat Owl you own will give you 0.2% off all purchases on the Armoonia marketplace for a max of 1% off (5 Fat Owls). Fat Owls will also give you priority access to future NFT Drops

3. Weekly Raffle

30% of sales will fund a weekly raffle live-streamed by Fat Owls team. This time will also be used to update holders on community events and progress on the project

4. Merchandise

After 50% of Fat Owls are sold, we will launch our merch!

5. Collaboration

Continue to partner with the Armoonia team on giving Fat Owls value and creating a long-lasting community


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining unique traits across different categories. Traits can range from a brown owl with brown details and a common beige background to a ultra-rare blue owl with blue details and a pink nebula background.

Brown Owl
Blue Owl
Mad Hat
Gold Chain
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Meet the Team

We are very passionate about this project and Harmony One. Our main goal is to buy mansions and get eaten by orcas in our own olympic-sized swimming pools. Please help us!


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Software Engineer - Thinks he's a big shot, but he's not


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Sr. Finance Manager - Actually a big shot, but is humble about it


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Sr. Developer/Artist - Wants to be eaten by his future orca


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Full-Stack Developer - Typical IPA loving hipster. Wen Lambo?

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